Tips on How You Can Sale and Buy Cheap Zynga Poker Chips

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Poker Chips for sale

If you have won your FREE zynga poker chips or you want to buy some, there is always a market for you to do this. For you to succeed in this kind of endeavor, there are various instructions that you have to follow. Here are some of the instructions for you to make up on you task.

There are quite a good number of players who normally play the Facebook poker for fun. This kind of game offers you an opportunity to accumulate some good amount of money. With this, it will be better if you can find a market where you can transfer your resources by basing on your existence. You will find that some of the players who do not play so well to accumulate lots of money just prefer to buy these chips from the most prosperous players around. They normally buy cheap zynga poker chips that have already been accumulated by top players and then raise the ladder. You find that Zynga Poker gives 2000 play chips to its players to start up. If you as a poker player would like to play with good players, then this amount is not enough. Those players who are ranked bottom in the money hierarchy have been considered to be horrible players.  You can exchange your chips for real money by searching on the Google string. You will then be offered with a list of sites that you can actually select from.

Your second step will be to look for a site that has got a live chat online and then inquire about their rates. Bear in mind that the average price goes for 10 dollars for every one million chip. Give your thanks to the operator and inquire about visiting hours if at all you may feel to come back. Due to the fact that such sites are usually operated by individuals ranging from one to at least two who have to work for almost 8 hours on a shift, sometimes it can be difficult for you to get them online. It is advisable to leave a message if you find them offline. If you are selling, ensure that you let them know the number of chips you are ready to sell and if buying, it will be better to notify them the number of chips you would like to buy as well.

free zynga poker chips

How to find the best deal?

The next step will be to carry out a research on the kind of exchange site that you will actually use. This is a very important step for one to take. You will be required to use Google, though you will have to type in the name of the site plus scam. This way, you will be permitted to know if anyone had actually posted a negative experience pertaining to this site. If the site has got a negative review, then it will be better to move on to the next one. When you get a site that does not have negative reviews, you can go on with it, though the process does not guarantee that you will get a trader who has scruples, but it helps!

All these kinds of sites will usually conduct their transfers in real time when dealing with you. It will take up to almost 15 minutes for poker chips seller to send the chips to you and could be faster. You should make sure that you inquire about the availability of this service and if they refuse, then take it as a negative indication and search for another site. The moment you agree on the transfer, you will be asked by the operator to sit around a play money table which should have at least 2 free sits. Then, the operator will have to sit just next to you. You will then be assisted to complete chips transfer by clicking on their user name using the right button on your mouse to them. Then for you to transfer the real money, you will have to click on the transfer button for play money chips. This all happens through Zynga poker platform in Facebook.

It is official that Zynga Poker are not quite concerned when this happens, provided players are not discussing the transfer when seated at their respective tables. You can start your poker bankroll without necessarily depositing any cent of your own. By basing on these instructions and being alert all the times, you will be able to accomplish your tasks with ease.

In addition to this, you can still search for a forum that discusses such practices. In this forum, you will be able to get tips on which kinds of sites are legitimate and the ones that are not. Through the discussion, you will manage to get firsthand experience from the users.